PASS 7.0 Certified Trainer Available for In-House Training

At STR Transport Services, We LIVE By Our Core Values:

1) Do the right thing the first time

2) Put Clients First

3) Lead With Exceptional Ideas

4) Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

5) Give Back to The Community

6) Kindness Always Matters!

What South Carolina Upstate People Are Saying About Us

I have used STR Transport on a couple of different occasions. I find them to be reliable and courteous. On one trip, I needed some help getting into the vehicle and up the steps to my front porch and they gladly assisted.

Our very special thanks for the wonderful care that was given to our loved one. What a wonderful group of people that give so much and made our experience the very best.

Thank you to all of the wonderful people who treated me like a queen. I am so thankful for all of the therapy and the attention to detail day and night.

I am a PASS 7.0 Certified Trainer that is available to train groups.

We are here to take the stress out of your life and to accommodate you in a friendly manner every ride!

Call for any questions or special requests.


Standard pick-up fees plus mileage apply for each transport. STR Transport Services accepts multiple methods of payment to include all major credit cards, check, or cash, and PayPal.

We live by the motto “Kindness Matters†in ALL situations. We value honesty, integrity, willingness to help others, innovation to new ideas and suggestions and helping the community.

I started STR Transportation because I know there is a need in our community for transportation to appointments for everyone. Several years ago, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I realized that when one member of your family is ill, it affects all aspects of the family dynamic. We were lucky, my father had recently retired and was able to take her to daily radiation treatments and I had a job that offered me the flexibility to be there for her during chemotherapy appointments. During that time, I talked to a lot of patients that did not have that luxury. They were dependent on other forms of transportation or didn’t want to inconvenience their family and friends. This is a hard time for the patients and the last thing they should be worried about is how to make these life-saving appointments. Some would be waiting for hours until their designated rides showed up. To me, this was completely unacceptable.

I have made it my mission and the mission of STR Transportation Services that every patient, no matter what their situation, deserves prompt and friendly transportation for all of their medical appointments. That’s why I truly believe that those appointments are as important to US as it is for them.  Whether it be a medical appointment, meeting with friends or family members or a personal trip, you can count on us to specialize in a safe, caring and comfortable environment every time.

We Serve the rides to non-emergency medical appointments

* We also provide non-emergency medical transportation by the hour day and night.

* We will work with you to make sure your transportation needs are taken care of with life’s special events, family events.

* We are happy to provide transportation anywhere life might take you; from an appointment to a nice evening out on the town.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What types of transportation do you provide?
What types of appointments does the average passenger traveling to and from?
How much does this cost?
Is this covered by Medicare?
What are the economic benefits of using this service?
What can you do to help my loved ones?

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